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Hello! I'm recently returning to the bandom role play world and am just dying for some lines! I play Brendon Urie and would love to play against a Jon Walker. I wouldn't mind Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, or someone from that crowd as well~ I can play Brendon genderswapped ir in any way you desire! message here with your MSN or AIM and I'll get back to you ASAP c:
Additionally I play original characters and storylines.

I like historical and fantasy lines the most. At the moment I am very much into lines taking place in the Old West.

I DO NOT do incest, water play, or anything with body fluids.

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Bandom 100

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Home Sweet Home; Gerard/Ray PG-13

Title: Home Sweet Home
Pairing: Gerard/Ray
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; past m-preg, fluff, language?
Recipient: borrowedphrases  
Summary: Ray comes home from a business trip.
Disclaimer: Fake. If you got here by googling yourself, leave now!

Did you miss kissing me?Collapse )

Honeyed Orange Tarts

Title: Honeyed Orange Tarts
Author: reinvent_lover
Pairing: Greta Salpeter/Victoria Asher
Rating: PG
POV: Third
Summary: Bakery AU! Greta runs a little corner sweets shop in a small town.
Disclaimer: Completely untrue. Everyone owns themselves.
Author Notes: For anon_lovefest

"Five bucks they have a cat-fight." Collapse )
 Title: White Roses and Hot Chocolate
Author:  [info]reinvent_lover
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Gerard Way
Rating: PG-13 (language, off-scene sex, boy love) 
POV: Third
Summary: "Who's the chick in the tie talking to Mikey?" 
Disclaimer: Completely untrue. Everyone owns themselves. 
Author Notes: For anon_lovefest 

Who's the chick in the tie talking to Mikey?Collapse )

Happy Anniversary [Gerard/Jon; PG]

Title: Happy Anniversary
Author: reinvent_lover.
Main Character: Gerard Way/Jon Walker
POV: Third
Summary: Christmas was always a special time in the Walker-Way household.
Disclaimer: Don't own
Author Notes: Originally, I posted this under bingabangaboo around Christmas '08 for the awesome emilyrose2005 . I recently found this again whilst looking around on my computer and decided to put it up again.
Warnings: Mentions of polygamy, mentions of mpreg and boy sex

You Are The Moon [Gerard/Greta]; PG13

Title: You Are The Moon
Author: reinvent_lover.
Main Character: Gerard Way/Greta Salpeter
POV: Third
Summary: Her head lay on his shoulder as she peacefully slept. He moved stray hairs out of her face and kissed her lips softly.
Disclaimer: 1900’s fic. I do not own anyone mentioned in this story. Story title from The Hush Sound song.
Author Notes: The last bit was a bit of a ramble ‘cause it was like one in the morning when I finished it up and I was a bit tired. Anyways, Gerard and Greta is a way random pairing but I think it can work quite well in many situations.
Warnings: Fluff, molestation, het sex, gender swap