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Honeyed Orange Tarts

Title: Honeyed Orange Tarts
Author: reinvent_lover
Pairing: Greta Salpeter/Victoria Asher
Rating: PG
POV: Third
Summary: Bakery AU! Greta runs a little corner sweets shop in a small town.
Disclaimer: Completely untrue. Everyone owns themselves.
Author Notes: For anon_lovefest

Sweet Tangerine Bakery is a colorful little shop on the corner of Fifth and Main. It is painted a wonder spice brown with a white roof that makes the building look like a gingerbread house from afar. The effect is strengthened from the barber shop pole columns that framed the white door and the pale pink and blue window frames. Heck, even the window panes themselves look like candy.

Greta Salpeter is the owner and operator of Sweet Tangerine, which is known for it's delicious honeyed orange tarts. The recipe for the said famed tarts is secret. It is a Salpeter family recipe and no one outside the family is to know the recipe, especially the secret ingredient. Of course, this has led to generations of conflict with rival bakeries. Especially the damned Ashers and their ridiculously delicious English scones.

The Salpeters and the Ashers have a rivalry dating back centuries, possibly to the days of Charlemagne. Over a thousand and Lord knows how many years, wars have been waged between the two families and often they have come in conflict with wars such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, and more recently-World War II. Greta has been taught to hate the Ashers.Yet she cannot help but think of how the current owner of Asher's Baked Goods, Victoria, has nice legs.


At 12 p.m. one March day, one of the employees of Sweet Tangerine came in from lunch with a dreadful announcement...

"Asher's selling honeyed CHERRY tarts now," Brendon exclaimed as he came barreling through the doors of the bakery, nearly knocking over old Widow Turner. "Honeyed cherry tarts, Greta!" He said, hands over his heart. Brendon had always been an overdramatic boy.

"Brendon," Ryan, one of the other employees and chief sprinkles sprinkler, asked in his usual unaffected monotone. "How do you know that Asher's Baked Goods has honeyed cherry tarts?" Spencer hid his smirk behind the the cake he was frosting.

"Jon told me," Brendon replied dutifully. A dreamy look crept over his eyes and he sighed happily. "Brendon!" Ryan exclaimed. "You're flirting with the enemy?"

"Hush, Ross," Greta spoke up, silencing all of her employees. God, sometimes she felt like the only mature one out of the four of them. And she was the youngest too. She pressed her lips together and furrowed her brow. Honeyed cherry tarts...Sounded delicious, Greta had to admit. And most people these days seemed to prefer cherries over oranges.

"Well then," She said after a few moments of deep thought in which Brendon had looked like he was going to wet himself. "We'll just have to fight tart against tart." Ryan made a choked, snorting noise at which Greta glared at him. He immediately grew straight faced and busied himself with the next customer.


"Honeyed apple tarts?" Nate wrinkled his nose as he, Jon, and Ryland looked up at the new advertisement being put up outside of Sweet Tangerine Bakery. "Seriously?"

Jon just shrugged, a small amused smile playing at his lips. "Brendon's idea," He replied. Nate just crossed his arms over his chest.

"Does this mean war?" Ryland called back to Victoria who was the only actually doing any work at the moment.
Victoria just frowns at them from where she's kneading the dough for bread. Her cheek has a smudge of flour on it and there's streaks of the white substance in her hair. "No, it means you three should get your asses back here and help me!" She said in an annoyed tone.

Her three employees scurried quickly over to help with the kneading, or rather Jon and Ryland did while Nate shuffled back up to the front counter.


>At 1 p.m. exactly the next day, the employees of Sweet Tangerine Bakery and the employees of Asher's Baked Goods met in the street between their respective establishments for a final showdown. Brendon gave Jon a sad, mournful pout while Jon gave Brendon a small, comforting smile. Really, this rivalry was really ridiculous.

"I hear you're selling cherry tarts?" Greta asked Victoria cooly, her bare arms folded over her busty bosom.

"I hear that you're selling honeyed apple tarts now too," Victoria smugly replied, hands on her hips. Greta's eyes uncharacteristically narrowed as she stared her rival down. Brendon, Ryan, and Spencer and Jon, Nate, and Ryland all held their breaths in anticipation. Victoria stepped closer to Greta who's lips twitched.

"Five bucks they have a cat-fight," Brendon whispered aloud as the two females stared each other down.

What happened next, though, turned out to be a surprise.

Greta stepped close enough to Victoria that their knees knocked together and reached up to curl her hand around the back of the other woman's neck. Then, as quick as a mouse, she pulled Victoria down and planted a firm kiss to her lips.

The mouths of their respective employees dropped wide open as Victoria set her hands on Greta's waist to pull her in closer and the simple kiss turned to a heated make-out session after which Victoria started pulling Greta towards Asher's Baked Goods where her small apartment was located above.

"Well, shit," Nate said, blinking after the retreating girls. "I, for one, did not see that coming."

"So, I suppose we have a truce then?" Brendon inquired. The others turned and just stared at him. "Yes Brendon, we have a truce," Jon chuckled, hooking an arm around the younger's waist.


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Nov. 29th, 2009 11:35 pm (UTC)
Original requester here - this was so very, very sweet! The Greta/Vicky-T is just the right amount of smug and sugary, and I love the cast of characters. Thank you so much!
Nov. 30th, 2009 09:25 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I couldn't resist having Greta/Vicky-T since the few fics I've read that had them paired are amazing. Plus I've always wanted to try out femmeslash :)
Nov. 30th, 2009 07:37 pm (UTC)
I, also didn't see it coming. But it was well played. Well played indeed.
Nov. 30th, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU. *pumps fist into air*
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