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Home Sweet Home; Gerard/Ray PG-13

Title: Home Sweet Home
Pairing: Gerard/Ray
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; past m-preg, fluff, language?
Recipient: borrowedphrases  
Summary: Ray comes home from a business trip.
Disclaimer: Fake. If you got here by googling yourself, leave now!

Ray pulled into the driveway at three in the morning on a Wednesday.Or was it a Thursday? He couldn't tell. Damn time zones....

For the last couple of weeks he'd been in Berlin, Germany on a business trip for the German branch of the company he worked for. While it had been interesting to visit another country and see all the sights of its capital city, he'd missed and longed for the husband and child he had left behind. Not to mention that he had been a bit hesitant to leave Gerard alone; they lived in an old Victorian house that had a gas stove and Ray was a bit worried that Gerard would accidentally light up a cigarette in the kitchen when the stove was opened. They'd actually argued about that subject a couple of times. Gerard had won each time as he would always remind Ray that he wasn't Mikey and that he would never smoke in front of Midge, their three year old daughter.

With a tired yawn, Ray got out of the car and went around to the trunk to get his bags out of it before starting up the front walk. It was cold out and the air smelled fresh and wintery. Ray's breath puffed up in clouds in front of his face as he went through his keys to find the one that fit into the lock of the front door.


When he finally managed to get inside, Ray just tossed his bags aside before locking the door up. He quietly then started up the stairs, tip toeing as quietly as he could into Midge's bedroom.

The three year old was asleep in her custom-designed twin bed with the blankets all askew from how she moved around and kicked in her sleep. Ray knew that her dark curly hair would be all messed up and like a bird's nest when she woke up (something she inherited from Gerard though Midge's hair was always messier since she had Ray's curly hair). Midge was drooling in her sleep, as the usual. She and Gerard slept in the same manner with their faces smooshed into their pillow so much that their lips would pooch out. It was adorable and Ray loved teasing both of them endlessly about it. Bauer, the family Yorkie, was curled up at the foot of Midge's bed and only sleepily glared up at Ray when the latter reached down to scratch behind his ears. Girl and dog were inseparable and Bauer always slept with Midge. Not that Ray could complain of course.

Before leaving the room, Ray kissed his daughter on the top of her head and tucked her back in lovingly before turning to exit the bold and colorfully-painted bedroom. The master bedroom was one bedroom and one bathroom across from Midge’s room and had been decorated by Gerard. In fact, Gerard had decorated every room except Ray's office in their house. Their room was purple with floral French grey patterning while Midge's room was a whole piece of artwork itself with all the different murals of every bold color all over the walls. Ray remembered how long it had taken Gerard to paint it all, over a year if he remembered correctly. And the result had been worth it.

Every room of their house had been repainted grandly by Gerard who was an artist (his studio was in the attic). Each room had a certain theme. For example, the kitchen, breakfast nook, and living room were painted in light, airy colors that always made Ray feel comfortable and at home while the dining room made one feel regal and fancy with the dark, bold colors it was painted in.

All in all, guests who had never been in their house before always left talking about how beautiful the decor was. Ray could only guess how proud Gerard felt by the way he stuck his chest out like a peacock.

And speaking of Gerard...He was sound asleep, thank God, when Ray entered the bedroom. Like Midge, his face was smooshed against the pillow and his lips were pooched out. Unlike Midge though, his mouth was slightly open and he was drooling a bit.

Ray could not help smiling as he kicked his shoes off and shrugged his jeans and jacket off before starting for the bed. He nearly groaned in delight when he slipped onto it; the mattress was from the Tempur-Pedic Swedish Sleep System and the most goddamn comfortable thing ever. Ray had found that he missed the mattress almost as much as he had missed his little family.

Ray took a few moments to stare down at his husband's sleeping form and could not resist brushing a stray lock of hair off of Gerard's cheek. That little motion awoke the slightly older man and Gerard snuffled in his sleep as he turned over and burrowed his face into Ray's chest.

"Thought you were coming home at three in the afternoon," He murmured, peeking up at Ray before cuddling closer. "Not three at night."

"Change of plans," Ray murmured back as he wrapped himself around Gerard and danced his fingers across the other's lower back. "A spot opened up for second class on a five o'clock flight and I decided that seeing you sooner was worth sitting between two old guys that drooled in their sleep," He laughed softly as he pressed a kiss to Gerard's temple.


At nine-thirty sharp, Midge came running into Ray and Gerard's bedroom squealing at the top of her lungs with Bauer right at her heels. She heaved Bauer up before climbing onto the bed and tackled Ray with another high-pitched squeal.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" She shrieked, hugging Ray tight. "You're home!"

"Daddy is home and Daddy's tired, sweetheart," Gerard smiled as he leaned on his elbow and ran his fingers through their daughter's messy thatch of hair. "Okay, I'll sleep here then," Midge replied, planting herself between her parents. "Mommy, can you make chocolate and peanut butter chip pancakes instead of regular blueberry pancakes?" She added before sticking her thumb in her mouth and using the index finger on her other hand to twirl her hair. Gerard, still smiling, nodded as he lay back down. Ray wrapped his arms around Midge and hugged her tight, causing her to whine and pout.

"Daddy! You're squishing me!" She squeaked, reaching up to pull at Ray's hair. "Not nice."

"So? I missed hugging my girl," Ray smiled as he kissed her forehead before leaning over to kiss Gerard on the mouth.

"Did you miss kissing me?" Gerard asked with a grin as he kissed Ray back. Ray just rolled his eyes before kissing Gerard again. "What do you think?" He chuckled as he nuzzled his nose against his husband's.


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Jan. 11th, 2010 02:51 am (UTC)
what a lovely family!!! i love the details of the home and how sweet and lovely this all was~
Jan. 30th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
(im so sorry for taking so long to reply! i suck at commenting back!)

Thank you! I'm really into domestic-y stuff sooooo, yeah. :)
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